Five Guys, Five Values.

Have you got it?

Do you know what really makes Five Guys, Five Guys? It’s our five values. They define us and what we believe in. They guide our behaviours and the way we treat each other and our customers.

Here are our five values and what we’ll look for when we ask you put them into practice at work:

We’re honest.

Don’t beat around the bush. Say what you mean. Do what you promise.

Don’t pass the buck. Be respectful. Take responsibility.

Accept help and share success with the team.

Actions beat words. Don’t overthink things.

Keep it simple.

Need support? You got it. Tell us what you need.

Our kitchens are where the magic happens.

We are fanatical about burgers, fries and people.

Our team rock, we chose you for being you, so be you.

We’re here to have fun.

Bring the energy and keep learning. Keep getting better.

Don’t settle for second best. But be humble.

Working hard is a blast.

We work together, we win together.

Hell yes, we’re proud of what we can accomplish together.

Take care of yourself. And each other.

We promote from within the business. Shaping our crew into leaders.

We share your goals and dreams. Let us bring out the best in you.

Feel the love - you’re with family now.